Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Working in the kitchen...

Today was all about the kitchen.

As seen here, a refrigerator and kitchen sink were added.

Although it is near impossible to tell in a photo, I used a textured paint on the outside of the refrigerator to simulate a texture used on real refrigerators to hide fingerprints.

The kitchen sink was carved out of wood, then spray painted with a chrome paint, sanded, then repainted. The facet and handles are made out bent aluminum pipes.

Here is another view of the kitchen, which includes the double back doors that I did manage to get doorknobs on today. Whoo-hoo!

And the one final picture that I just thought turned out pretty, and shows off my dish washing liquid. I made that while everything was drying. It just seemed like the fun thing to do ….. and something a little different than just the house.

I hope to get the ceiling in the kitchen tomorrow, and maybe the upper cabinets. We’ll see.

Until then…….

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