Monday, April 12, 2010

April showers bring April flowers... and plants??

As soon as I finished my post yesterday, I thought to myself, "I haven't mentioned my 'for sale' plants and flowers yet." By all means, let me do that today!

I love making plants as you saw in my "dollhouse I left behind" blog. Well, I also make many for sale, and honestly, after looking over what I have up for sale, I need to sit down and make some more! It seems that most of my arrangements were seasonal. Hmmm..........
I'll work on that!

In the mean time, let me show you what I've got for now.

First on my list is my Flower cart. This was a labor of love and took many many hours to complete! Now that it's finished, I have to admit that it is one of my favorite pieces.

Now, if that didn't throw you into flower overload, here's another one of my favorite pieces. This is an Asian influenced arrangement, which I LOVE to pair up with modern or Danish modern furniture. I have used this piece in a bunch of different displays and photos just because it looks so awesome on a buffet table or side table. I really like this, and think that if I was smart, I'd make some more with a similar style. Maybe I should do a whole living room set with an Asian influence. Hmmm.... just thinking out loud.... or in writing.

I guess my most popular plant type thing would have to be my Boston Ferns. I make them in pots, as hanging plants or like you see here, which is perfect for dropping into your own landscape. There's something about a fern that everybody loves. They are happy plants, and I can make them in just about any size... from super small to what you see here.

Now, I want to talk about my bonsai trees. When I made my first one, it was just to see if I could. Apparently, I can. Since the creation of my first, they have become quite popular, and I have even gone as far as to make custom ones from photographs from and for customers (as you see in this one taken at sunset... thus the odd color). I know people get into them to relax, but I get relaxed making them from scratch. My daughter calls it my "reverse bonsai".

I'm also rather fond of this grape arbor. It doesn't seem to be quite as popular as a lot of my stuff, but as you have noticed, I'm not just about what's popular. My shop isn't what you'd call a "cookie cutter" shop. I DO NOT go with the tide, and tend to make my own way. This grape arbor is a classic example. I think it's cool, and kind of wish I had created it when I did my "Dollhouse left behind". It would have looked awesome in that garden!

And, to wrap today up, I'm going to throw in something that is a bit more standard. These window boxes were made by my daughter. I planted them up for her. Cute, huh? I guess I can't always be the rebel! LOL

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