Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My newest project....

Well, here I am in a new country, and all my dollhouses are thousands of miles away. I have built myself a makeshift photo studio so that I can take pictures of my stuff to put on line, but it's not the same.

Well, I have come up with a brilliant idea... or at least I think it is. I am going to build one from scratch. By scratch, I MEAN scratch. From design to finish, the entire thing will be from my mind and hands, and anyone who actually reads this, gets to come along for the ride. I have decided that this dollhouse will not only be of my design, but everything in it (except the house itself... and I could actually do custom orders if someone sees something in it they want) will be for sale. For example, if someone sees the dining set and buys it, I'll just design a new one. So, not only with this be a new toy for me, it will also be my showcase and model home.

When designing this, I had a hard time. A regular house floor plan doesn't translate well into a dollhouse because all rooms can't be viewed easily, but on the other side of that coin, a normal dollhouse lay out is just boring. I wanted to find a happy middle.

I'm going to do a Tropical modern style design.... lots and lots of glass. Here is my basic floor plan:

The kitchen will be the upper left corner, dining room will be upper right, and the living room will be a step down and the rest of the space. The black dot will be a two sided fireplace. Stairs will go up to the second floor.

The second floor consists of 2 large bedroom, a large hall way, a bathroom, and the master suite (A huge bedroom with a bathroom, walk in closet and a fireplace. Another set of stairs leads to the third floor.

The third floor will just be a single large room. This can be a game room, art studio or whatever I make to put up there. I'm sure it will change from time to time. There will be a door way of some sort so that the rest of the top of the second floor can be used as a patio area for this room.

Well, if I do this right, and I can find the materials I need, this could turn into a really cool house.

I cut the bottom floor out today, and laid a bunch of scrap wood I had, to make a "hard wood floor". Tomorrow I hope to get the floor sanded down and varnished and the few solid walls up and start the staircase and any "built ins" I decide need to be on this floor. I'll post pictures tomorrow night if all goes well. Until then.......

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