Sunday, April 18, 2010

Still working on the first floor....

Progress is being made! Whoo-hoo! It's starting to take shape.

You are looking at the front of the first floor. I know, there still isn't a door, but I'm not quite sure how I want the door to look yet. I may sit here and surf the internet for some ideas tonight. Still, you can see that it's starting to take shape. I at least have all the glass in. I also decided how I want the front steps to look, and got them started and they are drying. Hopefully the entry will be a bit more finished tomorrow.

Now if you picked up the house and turned it 1/4 turn clockwise, this is the side you'd be looking at. This is the side I will use to access the inside of the first floor once the second floor has been added. The pieces of glass are sitting in a channel and pinned at the top, so the pins can be removed and the glass pulled out and put out of the way while I work on it. It is my goal that once the outside of this house is finished, it won't be super noticeable how you get inside.

Another quarter turn, and you are looking at the back side of the house. I got the double doors hung on "pins", but haven't gotten the other hardware on them yet. The left window and one over the doors are still being held in by tape, but I'll trim them out first thing in the morning. I haven't decided about steps yet for these doors, and since this will lead to the back yard, I may want something a bit more than just steps down. I'll have to think about it for a while. I may want this door to lead out on to a deck or something.

and the last quarter turn, and you are looking at the other side. This the back of the wall to the kitchen, and a window looking into the living room. It will be much more attractive once it's all finished... but it IS getting there.

Now, I have a special treat..... some pics taken from a dolls view!

This is the view from the front door. Ignore the fact that all the trim work isn't finished. Still looks cool, huh?

And this would be the view from the access off the living room.

and lastly, this is the view from the access off the dinning room.

It's getting there folks! So, until tomorrow.....


  1. awesome!! are you going to be making the furniture yourself?

  2. Oh yeah. I'll make every single thing that goes into this house.

    and Lala's... if you are not over 6 inches tall, this could be the perfect house for you and your's!!!! =D