Saturday, April 24, 2010

puttin' up walls.....

Well, I have to start this blog with a note of sadness. My blade on my band saw broke today. The really sad part is that I am pretty sure that I won't be able to find a blade for it here in Belize. It was hard to find one for it in the States. I know this probably doesn't mean much to most of you, but that band saw worked as hard as I do. It is the one tool that stayed plugged in at all times in my work shop. About 95% of all the cutting I do, I did on that saw. I will miss it! From now on, I will be cutting by hand.

On to happier things....

I've got walls!! Well, at least some of them anyway.

^Here is an overhead view....

and here is an explanation of what you are looking at V

Kind of cool, huh? I'm still working on laying the floor, but this thing has gotten big now and I couldn't reach. So, I'm going to finish what I can reach from this side (which is the back side), then I'm going to have to turn it around. At this point, turning it is going to require help.

So, let me show you some other angles.

This is the master bedroom to the right (where the floor is), and the master bath will be to the left. On the distant right (before the end wall) will be the master balcony with a glass door leading out to it.

This is the second bedroom. The plywood I used for the back wall was rather nasty on one side. To me, that means it needed wallpaper!

This is the wall between bedroom 2 and 3, looking in to bedroom 3.

and this is looking into the closet in bedroom 3.

Things are progressing as you can see. More to come tomorrow!! Until then.........

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the band saw and I hope you find a way to fix your old friend soon!

    The layout and start on the next level is looking great!