Friday, April 9, 2010

My first Blog about Minis

I have been creating miniature things for LOTS of years, but it wasn't until about 25 years ago that I started making things for sale. Now I have taken up residents at Etsy, and am told that bloging is the way to promote yourself..... so here I go.

I started making stuff for my dollhouses that I couldn't find other places. I found it to be a super relaxing hobby for myself, and sometimes even a bit of an escape. It wasn't long before I found myself being buried under way too many "cute" things and I had to find new homes for all this stuff, so I turned to stores that specialized in dollhouses.

About a year ago, someone told me about Etsy. I love that site! What a great outlet, and a chance to share my stuff with the world. You have to love the internet!

I will try to post in here as often as I can, and share the items and directions that I am heading in with my creative flow. Hang on to your seats. This could be a wild ride! I tend to be all over the place!

One of my specialties is my water gardens. I do small ones for the average person, and huge displays with them on request. Here are a couple of the ones I have done.

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