Thursday, April 15, 2010

The making of the new dollhouse

Today I sanded the first floor, then I sanded the floor, then I sanded the floor some more. LOL Yeah, using scrap wood to build makes for lots of extra work, but the result is amazing. See what you think......

There are a bunch of different kinds of tropical woods in there, and I think the varnish really brought out the colors. Personally, I am pleased.

Next I got the stairs cut and put together and finished.

They are looking good too and I can hardly wait to see them in place. It's hard to tell with them just laying there, but I think they will look perfect. Hopefully we will see tomorrow.

While I was waiting for everything to dry, I started to figure out the layout of the kitchen, and build the cabinets.

This is the basic layout. There will be a double over stack in the kitty-corner area.

Had to add this picture in too, because it kind of shows off the BEAUTIFUL wood I have found for the counter tops. It's called Poison Wood and wait till you see how the varnish brings it out.... again, hopefully tomorrow. At the very least, I'll have my fancy clamps off. LOLOLOL Masking tape is the best for some of this little stuff.

Until then....

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