Saturday, April 17, 2010

Making progress on the ground floor.....

All day long I have had the lyrics to a Pink Floyd song running through my head.
"Hello. Is anybody out there? ...."
I sure hope more than one person is following this adventure!

Well, here's the front of the first floor and the doorway. As you can see, the door is still missing, but at least you can tell where it's going to go now. I figured a wider wooden area around the door would make it appear more "grand". We'll see how that works out when I get the front door made. There's still tons of work to be done, but as you can see, I made great progress. I didn't get the new glass put in today, but it's all cut and waiting for me right there on the table, as you can see. I'll start with that in the morning.

I did my wall treatments before I put the walls in. I figured that these would be easier to do first, rather than try to maneuver in the tight area and protect the wood. For the living room I have chosen a "Stone texture" spray paint in grays, black and white. I like the modern feel it gives to the room.

This is a different angle and from this side you can see the very beginnings of the kitchen. Nothing is glued down yet, and the little cabinets aren't finished, but I wanted to see that everything was going to fit as planned. It does.

And, here is an even better angle to see the kitchen, but it's not the best picture ever taken...... sorry. Still, you can really get the idea of how this is going to look. Also, you can see the first of the two doors that will go in the opening where the door is propped.

So, my goal for tomorrow is to get all this cut glass in, hang my two back doors and start building the front door. If time permits, I would like to get the kitchen finished and trimmed out, but we'll see how that goes.

Until then.......


  1. Hi
    Your houses are fantastic! I can't tell what size everything is? can you put something next to your pictures so I can visualze the the size. Your plant work is incredible!
    oh, yeah there is definatley 'somebody out there'

  2. This is all VERY cool, bambi! The effort that goes into these is incredible and it just shows how much you care about quality and design!

  3. Hi Lori. Thanks for reading! Nice to know I'm not alone! Everything is on a 1:12 inch scale... one foot in our world is one inch in dollhouse. I believe the fern and the winter water garden have a wooden ruler next to them, and the first bonsai pictured has a quarter next to it. Hopefully that will help you. If you are having trouble with the dollhouse itself, you can look on the table in the first picture in this entry, and you can see the very top edge of a one foot metal ruler in the bottom left of the picture. I'll try and leave a ruler or something more visible from here on.