Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Sigourney....

We are still getting rain almost every day... now mixed with sunshine....

Can you say "HUMIDITY" and MOSQUITOES" every one??

Actually, I have declared war on the mosquitoes (a bag full of mosquito coils and bug spray for those stupid enough to ignore the coils), and have them beaten into a bit of submission, which allows me to go out and work on my dollhouse in little bursts without becoming eaten too badly. Right now I have cabinets and moldings clamped and drying.... not much to see and because of the humidity, they are taking forever to dry.

HOWEVER, as I have said in my last post, I have been taking advantage of my inside time, and have been working on area rugs and mats, and learning some new techniques for other stuff. I always loved to figure out how to do something new. It keeps my miniature making always something new and fun.

Okay, all that being said, meet Sigourney:

She is named that because of her red feathers. I have been missing my pet parrot, who is still in the States for a little while longer, and decided my dollhouse was going to need a pet bird. I always wanted a Macaw, so now I have one. (My real parrot is a blue fronted amazon and I didn't have the right colored feathers to do him.)

Sigourney is made with a styrofoam core, then painted, feathered and flocked. Her eyes are glass beads and reflected funny in this picture, and her feet are made of wire.

Here is a close up of her:

So, I had to build her a stand, and as I am always saying, the difference between a good dollhouse and a GREAT dollhouse is all in the details. Sigourney not only has a stand with a toy, food and water and a ladder, but she also has newspaper in the bottom with a couple of feathers and a few "droppings" as you can see in this picture:

Yeah..... it's all about details.

As I have been saying all along, everything in the dollhouse will be for sale. Sigourney is no exception. You can find her listed on my Etsy shop. If she doesn't sell, she will go in my dollhouse. If she does..... well..... I'm working on a pair of parakeets right now!

Until next time!


  1. I wouldn't have even noticed that's not a real bird! Great work!

  2. Love Sigourney! You did a great job. I can't wait to see the parakeets. I love birds and currently have 6 parakeets!

  3. oooh her tailfeathers are just GORGEOUS. and lmao, droppings? :P i guess you're really into realism!

  4. I assumed that was a real bird.
    I love the entire project, the idea, all of it!

  5. After poking around here some more, it occurred to me that miniature people (miniaturists?) must visualize EVERYTHING around them in 1/12th scale, planning out how they could do things like an ironing board and what not.
    How fun that must be!

  6. I thought it was real! You're incredibly talented! :)

  7. That is beautiful!!! Amazing work, Bambi!!