Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm sorry I have been gone so long...

Wow. It's been almost three weeks since I have made an entry here and I feel really bad about it. I would love to tell you it's for some exciting reason, but the fact is that I have had to do work type stuff. Eww! I know, huh? Sadly, I wasn't able to work on my dollhouse for all this time..... well, maybe a few minutes here and there, but no REAL work.
Hopefully, I'll be able to get a bit more time to work on it in the weeks to come, and I'll post every time I do.

So, all that being said, I do have a couple of pictures to put up for today, of the things I was working on when I could.

We'll start with the main bathroom.

I have made a wooden bathtub for this room. I used "seashells" for the feet to give it a "claw tub" feel, and I kind of like the way it turned out.

In the master bath I put in the big mirror, cabinet and sink.

I haven't added the fixtures for the sink yet because I don't know that I am thrilled with the way the sink turned out. I'm thinking about pulling it out and maybe doing a faux marble or something on it. It was supposed to look like stone, but I think it just kinda looks like a lumpy mess. I am not pleased. I need to do something with it and make a couple of toilets!

I also wanted to show you something I am making that has nothing to do with the dollhouse except that it's a miniature....

I am loving these!! It's a set of bookends I made and have listed on Etsy. Of course none of the stuff in them or the books is included in the sale, but as I was making them, I decided I need to make another set for myself. I have a PILE of cookbooks and am picturing these bookends holding them and one end done as a modern kitchen, and the other in maybe a 50's style, but still using a coordinating color scheme.... kind of to represent the ages of my cookbooks. Wouldn't that be cool? And it would show off some of my craftsmanship and my love of miniatures and cooking all at the same time! Then maybe I could do a couple more for all my "art" books with a mini workshop in one (doing miniatures) and a computer studio in the other to represent my work in graphic design. All in time.........

Anyway, got lots to do today, so until next time.........


  1. love the tub bambi! and i think the vessel sink is pretty. on my monitor it looks like it might be a mosaic or something...

    hope things with work are going well and that the bookends sell quickly :D